Long-standing issues

  • Status of transwidows as mothers: recognition of our unique role as mothers in holding our children’s welfare and peaceful development (helping children to establish their own boundaries and grow free from fear and manipulative control) as our first concern – above our own mental welfare.
  • Prosecution of criminally abusive husbands/ex-partners under S76 of Serious Crime Act 2015. This provision has not been used as it should to push back against psychological torture. Discussing with wives/female partners the possibility of reporting the gaslighting is really important in boosting women’s self-confidence, once they are strong enough to focus on testifying to specific examples of systematic lying, manipulation and coercion. S76 should be the psychiatric equivalent of prosecution for sexual attacks. They are both misogynist attacks.
  • Publicizing the primitive state of psychiatry. In 2008 the then Medical Director for Mental Health Services for NW London, Dr Alice Parshall, admitted to me that “psychiatry is in the Stone Age”. Nothing has changed. There is no universally accepted (1) theory of emotional development in babies and children nor (2) a theory of what constitutes emotional balance in adults. So psychiatrists are talking in total ignorance. Their approach to a mental disorder is to eliminate alternative diagnoses and to get other colleagues to talk to the patient and agree a collective opinion (Dr James Barrett: “Transsexual and other disorders of gender identity – a practical guide to management“, Radcliffe Publishing/CRCPress, 2007). Imagine if we postulated a cancer diagnosis on this basis!  There are no objective tests or “markers” in psychiatry (Dr Richard Corradi:
  • “Gender” is not defined in the Gender Recognition Act 2004. This was an intentional omission, not a mistake. As a result the purpose of the Act is not clear – obviously! The GRA is a monstrous piece of legislation which introduces confusion where none existed before. The effect of the Act is to confer a special status on one particular mental disorder and to force public authorities to lie about the truth of immutable sex (except when it comes to claiming a peerage, when this law suddenly understands that sex cannot change and “transmen” cannot claim a (male line) title etc. LOL!
  • Section 25 of the GRA, “interpretation”, helpfully explains: “ ‘gender dysphoria’ means the disorder variously referred to as gender dysphoria, gender identity disorder and transsexualism“. This is quite clear: gender dysphoria is a mental disorder – a serious mental disorder. The law says so.
  • We call for: (1) repeal of the GRA 2004, (2) removal of “gender reassignment” (what a coy expression!) from the list of protected characteristics in EQ 2010. Both pieces of legislation pander to mental disorder.
  • Finally: (3) “Hate crime” legislation must be amended so that respectful discussion of these two changes or any respectful discussion of those suffering from “gender dysphoria” are not subject to possible criminal prosecution. There is a legitimate discussion to be had, which should not be silenced. End “Cancel culture”.