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Jennifer Bilek:  “The Billionaires Behind the LGBT Movement” –, 21st January 2020

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Fair Play For Women: “Transgender Rights: How did we get here? Part 2: Changing legal sex status” 6th January 2018, quotes Norman Tebbit at the first reading: “My Lords, I do not support the Bill in principle, in any way, up hill or down dale. This is a bad Bill. It is a most offensive Bill. It is certainly offensive to the followers of more than one religion, but I do not intend to make those criticisms today. In the speech of the right reverend Prelate, we heard of some of his telling concerns. Sex cannot be changed. It is no good the Minister shaking his head. Sex is decided by the chromosomes of a human being. If we have XX chromosomes, we are women; if we have XY chromosomes, we are men. I might perhaps accept the Bill if an additional requirement for registering changes of gender were that it had been discovered that those concerned had inappropriate chromosomes for the sex in which they had been registered. That is the only way in which the Bill could avoid telling a lie. So far as I know, there is no law nor any known medical procedure that can change the sex of a human being. The Bill purports to do so. It is therefore an objectionable farce………Moral and constitutional issues are also involved. The Bill requires members of a gender recognition panel, on the production of certain evidence, in broad terms to certify that a person who was born a woman, lived as a woman, married as a woman and has borne children is, despite all that, entitled to be issued with a birth certificate falsely professing that she was born as a male child………..

Hansard reports Lord Tebbit in the second reading of Gender Recognition Bill on 29th January 2004. He moved an amendment: Page 1, line 3, to leave out “gender” and insert “sex”, but it was not carried. He said:

“It does not make sense to say that a person’s sex is decided by the law, as opposed to biology. However, I am always willing to offer a way out. I am willing to give the noble Lord, Lord Filkin, the benefit of the doubt and to offer him the chance to use the word “sex”, rather than the word “gender” in the Bill. I hope that he will now do what he would not do in Committee and will tell noble Lords what he thinks to be the difference between the two, why he regards the word “sex” as inappropriate and why he prefers the use of the word “gender”.

Fair Play For Women: “The Gender Recognition Act explained” – and much more, 8th January 2018

UK Gov’s  Final Regulatory Impact Assessment Gender Recognition Bill, November 2003. Note that this is an assessment of the legislative and financial risks to the Gov of options (1) “Do nothing”, (2) Remedial order or (3) Primary legislation. They chose option (3)

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Fair Cop blog:, from May 2019

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MakeMoreNoise – a plea for help for feminists from a Trans widow” a blog starting 15th August 2019 including the video “The elephant in the room” – testimony from transwidows at a meeting in Manchester on 27th July 2019

Feminist Current website and news, for example: “Women’s Liberation Front holds sold-out event at Seattle Public Library despite bomb threat, interruptions, arrests” 3rd February 2020. Subscribe to news:


Art exhibition at Science Gallery, London: “Gallery to stage gender exhibition ‘in this moment of flux‘ – Glasgow Times from Press Association report, 7th November 2019 Genders: Shaping And Breaking The Binary opens on February 13 2020 at Science Gallery London